Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cheap activities for kids!

See full size imageWell, the holidays have started and research shows that it can cost up to £2000 to keep the kids entertained which means that your pocket could take a serious hit! As a rule of thumb we recommend saving the activities as an incentive after other dull but essential tasks are completed  such as bedroom tidying, job applications for older kids, chores etc. Common sense but it can certainly help to plan your days in this way. Here's some activities which are either free or relatively cheap.  Jut use your imagination and that of your kids to enjoy yourselves without breaking the bank.
1. Visit libraries or museums. Some teens may hate this but perseverence  can spark interests. Many run activities over the summer so check them out.

2. Get arty.  You can buy artists materials relatively cheaply so spend the afternoon making cards, painting canvases and making portraits which you could frame and hang. 

3. Get active. There are loads of walks, swimming cycling, dance classes such as zumba which all the family can enjoy and which can help keep you healthy and sane.

4. Organise treasure hunts and collect feathers, stones, leaves and have fun identifying them.

5. Picnics weather permitting are great fun and easy to make. Take a frisbee and football and let the kids play whilst you catch up on the latest summer novel.

6.  Strawberry/raspberry picking. This is great fun and who doesn' t love strawberries and cream ? The leftovers could be made into delicious strawberry jam.

7. Learn a new skill such as knitting, sewing or crocheting. Craft is big news and who better to teach your kids than you or if you are a beginner then learn together.

8. Camping is also big news with all the  festivals. If you can't face getting into this why not let the kids camp out in the garden, properly supervised of course. A great way to cope with sleepovers.

9. Study the map and find places of local interest and research them. We spent many a happy afternoon at a local ruined abbey having researched the history on the net and with the help of Horrible Histories our kids thoroughly enjoyed imagining themselves in that time period.

10. For older kids consider the Lifestyle projects run by the local community police teams. Kids are encouraged to think of their own projects such as picking up litter, fundraising for various projects, volunteering at old people's homes etc. There are prizes on offer but the real winners are the kids and the local communities. This is a great way to encourage social awareness and can really give kids a sense of achievement.
Enjoy yourselves and have fun.

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