Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tin can as gifts!

This soft drinks can has been recycled to make an interesting gift. The can has been washed,covered in paper and small sweets such as smarties have been inserted through the tab hole. The tab has then been carefully glued down with a glue gun and the tab decorated with ribbons to make an interesting gift. You could use other cans where the whole lid comes off to insert larger items such as little Easter eggs for an Easter present with a twist. Why not give this a go?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Recycled plastic vase!

I had this pop bottle lying around and decided to make a vase. I sliced off the top of the bottle with a sharp knife and cut the bottle into equal 1 inch vertical strips. The strips were then heated carefully over a gas hob, at a distance until the strips formed interesting shapes. The effect is simple yet effective. Why not give this a try rather than just simply recycling as this is a lot more fun!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Make a suncatcher!

Why not have a go at making this lovely suncatcher now the weather is improving and spring is here. This is made from a plastic lid. The art work is completed by using permanent felt tips such as Sharpies. Start by drawing the outline of your pattern with a black pen and continue by filling in the colour. Add a handle. A hair bobble or pipe cleaner will do very well. Attach to a window for a lovely effect. This couldn't be easier and is a great project for the kids. Why not give it a try?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Plastic chandelier anyone?

Still on the recycling theme why don't you try making this plastic bottle chandelier which is made using one main bottle and lots of bottles cut and heated to make interesting shapes.The whole structure is held on by wire. What do you think? Is this taking recycling too far or is this innovative and stylish. What are your thoughts? Do you have any interesting and creative recycling ideas?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Plastic bottle terrarium!

Plastic bottles can be recycled in lots of ways. They can take 1000 years to degrade so it is vitally important that they are recycled. This terrarium is made by pulling off the coloured outer section of the bottle by pulling, removing the label and cutting the bottle roughly in half. Please be careful with the knife!  Then push the half bottle back into the coloured section and there you have an instance terrarium for growing any type of plant in its own eco system.  Why not give this a go?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Recycling-tin can lanterns!

This is a really easy and stylish way of recycling tin cans. Clean can and remove the label. Draw the outline of the pattern with felt and make the pattern by  using  a hammer and nail and hammering the nail repeatedly to make the holes. This is surprisingly  easy when you get used to it but does take some practice. When complete paint can with emulsion. You may want to add a wire handle . Add a tea light and you have a stylish lantern from nothing. Why not give it a try!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Paper bead bracelet-mother's day gift!

These bracelets were made by finding colourful paper from magazines and free newspapers. Cut the paper into 10 inch strips like long  isoceles triangles tapering to a point, the base being about an inch and a half long. Paste pva glue to the wrong side and roll up the paper from the wider end first. Roll tightly and hold until the bead sticks together. You can roll onto cocktail sticks or I use a thin knitting needle. Use clear nail varnish to add gloss and protect the paper. Allow to dry and thread on elastic. Voila.  You have an original bracelet just right for a mother's day gift. Why not give this a try?

Friday, 9 March 2012

Make a vase from a plastic bottle!

 Woven plastic bottle vase

From a distance, you would never guess this vase was plastic. Plus, it’s virtually unbreakable, and you can recycle it if you decide to redecorate.
Difficulty level: Beginner
What you’ll need: large plastic bottle, scissors, pencil (for marking)
How to make it:
1. Mark and cut the smooth middle portion of the bottle to give an even edge that’s approximately 7.5 to 8 centimeters above desired position of fluted rim.
2. Measure and mark straight, evenly spaced cuts all the way around the bottle. Cut the segments in half; then cut each of those in half to make even, thin strips.
3. Carefully press and fold all the strips outward to make a level edge all the way around. Press the bottle upside down on a flat surface to ensure an even edge.
4. Weave the tip of a strip over the next one and under the next two. Fold and crease it so that the tip is at the place .
5. Fold and crease the next one the same way, but weave this one over two and under one. Fold the third strip and weave the same as the first one. Continue around in this pattern until the last three and tuck each one under the next until woven in completely.
Why not give this a try for a really original vase.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Making plastic beads from bottles!

Materials Needed for Making Recycled Plastic Beads

Recycled Plastic Bottle Beads Jewelry
Plastic Bottle Beads Jewelry
You don't even have to go to any crafts shop to collect the things required for making recycled plastic bottle beads. They are at your home- just go get them:
  • A clean plastic bottle or any other plastic item that resembles the hard plastic of a bottle.
  • Colors- it can be anything from acrylic paints, permanent markers or even nail polish.
  • Pliers รข€“ one and if possible two.
  • Scissors.
  • Heat gun or a hair dryer.

Steps to Make Recycled Plastic Bottle Beads

Do the following step-by-step and you'll get the very much home made colorful and attractive plastic bottle beads!
  • Take the scissors and the plastic bottle. Cut strips of plastic from it. A longer narrower strip will help you make round and fairly shaped plastic bead. Wider strips will give you large plastic beads that are often shapeless. The choice depends upon you according to the craft project you'll use these recycled beads.
  • Paint the inside of the strips of plastic with any of the colors you have chosen to use. You can make full use of your creativity here by using multiple colors and designs to make your plastic beads more and more attractive.
  • Hold one of the ends of the strip with the pliers. If you have cut triangular plastic strips, begin at the widest part. Now roll the other end of your strip around the end held in the pliers. When it is rolled tightly, hold the visible end and move the pliers so that they are keeping the whole roll together.
  • Now take the heat gun or the hair dryer and hold your plastic roll in front of the heat for about 30-50 seconds. Keep on moving it gently so that the whole roll is heated.
  • Your recycled plastic bead is ready. Just one more step- if you have used acrylic paint or nail polish, you should cover your recycled plastic bottle bead with a sealant to protect its color.
  • Make the other plastic bottle beads in the same manner.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Age is no barrier to style!

Check out these stylish men and women. They just go to prove that style doesn't have to stop when the first flush of youth is over. Style is about being individual, being confident and doesn't have to cost the earth. Why do you slavishly have to follow celebrities when you can have such fun yourself. The lady on the left has used  an amazing hat, glasses and beautiful,classic jewellery to create a unique look whilst the men on their bicycles have paid attention to accessories and used classic coats to look very dapper. So they clearly demonstrate that for them age is no barrier to style and needn't be for you either.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Recycled paper bead necklace!

This gorgeous necklace is made from recycling strips of brightly coloured paper, specifically from a free A4 glossy advertisement leaflet. Simply cut the paper into strips of about 1/2 inch, apply pva glue and wrap the strips around a straw and leave to dry. Each strip forms a bead that when dried can be threaded onto cord to form a great, original necklace. We all get lots of junk mail and some of it is colourful so rather than throw it away why not give this a go. These make great, original necklaces that also make fab presents. Why not give this a go?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Regretsy-when it all goes horribly wrong!

Much as we love crafting and advocate readers to get  into crafts as a productive, enjoyable and original way to save money, at times your beloved craft items do not turn out as planned. Sometimes they can be salvaged but sometimes the disasters are just funny! Check out the Michael Jackson with what appears to be three legs and the the stuffed whatever with the fish head that is just plain scary!
We have all had disasters; soap that burns or won't set, knitted jumpers that are twice the planned size, bread that doesn't rise...
On the positive side it is well worth persevering with skills and you will get better. In the mean time check out  to see the funny side of crafting. It will certainly brighten your day!