Sunday, 9 September 2012

Chapter 3. Food and cooking.

Food and shopping is generally far more expensive than it was say even five years ago. You will have all noticed that you are getting far less for your money these days. The Thrift Sisters recommend shopping around and definitely don't dismiss the budget supermarkets. Ok you may have to queue for longer and pack yourself but in the more expensive supermarkets guess who is paying for these extra staff? You, of course.
Aldi and Lidl have just as good vegetables and meat so give them a go too. There vegetables may not be class one but are just as tasty and fresh.
Shopping comparison sites are also very useful to judge the real cost of these so called  grocery 'offers' which have received a lot of bad publicity lately. Research them carefully. You may be spending less on them but the other none offer products can more than make up for this meaning you are not actually saving anything.
Markets are a great way to save and you can buy excellent fruit veg and meat. Also make a shopping list, stick to it and base it on a meal planner so you don't come home and find you are missing vital ingredients for main meals.
If you can shop without the kids then do so as that way you won't find lots of sweets, cd's magazines and even toys finding there way into your basket!
Cook from scratch when you can. There are some fabulous websites, blogs and cooking programmes. Teach your kids too. Also , a slow cooker can prove invaluable in the winter months and few minutes in the morning assembling ingredients can mean you have a economical, healthy meal ready when you come home from work.
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