Thursday, 8 March 2012

Making plastic beads from bottles!

Materials Needed for Making Recycled Plastic Beads

Recycled Plastic Bottle Beads Jewelry
Plastic Bottle Beads Jewelry
You don't even have to go to any crafts shop to collect the things required for making recycled plastic bottle beads. They are at your home- just go get them:
  • A clean plastic bottle or any other plastic item that resembles the hard plastic of a bottle.
  • Colors- it can be anything from acrylic paints, permanent markers or even nail polish.
  • Pliers รข€“ one and if possible two.
  • Scissors.
  • Heat gun or a hair dryer.

Steps to Make Recycled Plastic Bottle Beads

Do the following step-by-step and you'll get the very much home made colorful and attractive plastic bottle beads!
  • Take the scissors and the plastic bottle. Cut strips of plastic from it. A longer narrower strip will help you make round and fairly shaped plastic bead. Wider strips will give you large plastic beads that are often shapeless. The choice depends upon you according to the craft project you'll use these recycled beads.
  • Paint the inside of the strips of plastic with any of the colors you have chosen to use. You can make full use of your creativity here by using multiple colors and designs to make your plastic beads more and more attractive.
  • Hold one of the ends of the strip with the pliers. If you have cut triangular plastic strips, begin at the widest part. Now roll the other end of your strip around the end held in the pliers. When it is rolled tightly, hold the visible end and move the pliers so that they are keeping the whole roll together.
  • Now take the heat gun or the hair dryer and hold your plastic roll in front of the heat for about 30-50 seconds. Keep on moving it gently so that the whole roll is heated.
  • Your recycled plastic bead is ready. Just one more step- if you have used acrylic paint or nail polish, you should cover your recycled plastic bottle bead with a sealant to protect its color.
  • Make the other plastic bottle beads in the same manner.

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