Wednesday, 3 August 2011

More reasonably priced WeightWatchers products! Slim and Save!

Our neighbour contacted us about finding cheaper WeightWatchers products. Cathy longs to fit back into her favourite jeans that are now uncomfortably tight. Cathy went into her local Poundland to buy stationary for the kids and found that they stocked a large range of WeightWatchers products for a £1!
The crisps, cereal bars and biscuits on sale a WW meetings usually retail for £2.20 or so so why not pay a visit and stock up. Cathy also noted that Aldi stock lovely cereal bars which are only 78 calories per bar, at about 99p for 6 and low fat crisps and hot chocolate sachets for about 38 calories per serving. Aldi also sell good quality fruit and veg at very reasonable prices compared to the larger supermarkets. Cathy also mentioned a useful blog for slimmers. So slim and save!

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