Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Thrift shop chic!

Thrift shop chic is where its at! Just look at these models in outfits derived entirely from thrift and charity shops! Not only do they look amazing ,all these outfits cost peanuts and are brilliant in terms of your pocket and carbon footprint! Some of our most stylish friends refuse to pay full price for anything and manage to root around in thrift shops and put together outfits for next to nothing! And many of these friends are not poor they are demanding more for their money and have an eye for a bargain. Here are our top tips for thrift shopping.

  • Choose thrift shops in affluent areas as these items are likely to be of a high quality.
  • Browse regularly as bargains are likely to be snapped up quickly.
  • Develop a relationship with the staff and that way they'll let you know if there are any items coming in that are likely to be of interest.
  • Go in there with your eyes open and with a positive attitude. Thrift is chic and there are many bargains to be had if you just keep looking!
Good luck and let us know if you pick up any good buys!

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