Friday, 28 October 2011

Bath bombs for presents!

Here's some bath bombs I made. They are very fizzy and smell great.
I  used 2-3 oz sodium bicarbonate
         - 1 tbsp citric acid ( got it from Wilkos in wine making section)
         - 4 drops essential oil ( lavender)
         - 4 drops another oil like lemon
          - a  pinch chopped flowers/herbs ( I used marigold, you  could use lavender or mint, whatever)
         then I added a couple of squirts of olive oil from a spray and a tiny drop of colouring. Then you squeeze the whole thing together. My powder seemed very dry but I pushed it into moulds ,  put them in the freezer, left them to set and they were fine. You could use the powder just as bath salts if you want too. Easy as pie. Happy bath bombing!

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